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GIS Projects in Our Institute

example from uWATER-Pumping Assessment tool
    Example screen for uWATER-Pumping Assessment

Center for Groundwater Science

The Illinois State Water Survey's Center for Groundwater Science has been the development area for software using GIS tools. This software is free for downloading. Current software available includes:
      • uWATER, an ArcGIS Explorer plug-in package for visualizing and analyzing decision support
      • uWATER-Pumping Assessment, and expansion of the uWATER package
      • SP2Learn, provides an accurate estimation of geospatial models from sparse field measurements
      • PRO-GRADE a GIS plug-in tool package for recognizing patterns from raster data such as
      groundwater recharge and discharge
Read more on these packages

Mike Barnhardt, ISGS, and Steve Brown us
e the visualization lab
    ISGS researches Mike Barnhardt, seated, and Steve Brown
    work with a visualization using complex data.

Earth Systems Visualization Lab

The Earth Systems Visualization Lab (ESVL) at the Illinois State Geological Survey is an innovative immersive visualization room, developed to foster the integration of advanced visualization and analysis tools in earth science research. The ESVL is an ideal environment for individual researchers looking to explore their data in a new way and provides an excellent collaborative space for teams of between 2 and 15 researchers who are interested in an immersive, high-resolution environment. ESVL provides a wide range of software for visualizing and managing common earth-science data and can accommodate the installation of additional software for specific researchers.

Illinois Oil and Gas Resources (ILOIL) Interactive Map Service

example screen from the ILOIL mapping software
    Example screen from the ILOIL Interactive Mapping Application

The Illinois State Geological Survey has developed a new version of its popular ILOIL Interactive Mapping application. This new version is still in beta but promises to be easier to use and provides a more stable hardware and software platform. For more information on this new application contact Melony Barrett, ISGS.
      Check out the new application

example from uWATER-Pumping Assessment tool
    The Architecture of ILRDSS Framework (click for more detail)

Illinois Rivers Decision Support System (ILRDSS)

Illinois Rivers Decision Support System (ILRDSS) was developed for use in documenting project activities within the watershed and assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of potential restoration projects and management practices. The ILRDSS continues to interate and expand existing databases and numerical models of segments of the Illinois River into an integrated decision support system (DSS) for the entire Illinois River watershed. The ILRDSS improves dissemination of scientific tools and information by using the Internet as the primary access to inventories of current and historical projects, data, simulations, and involved agencies/participants within major watershed of Illinois. The ILRDSS website provides this information to a larger audience at a lower cost and in a more usable form.

status of counties in the Illinois Floodplain Maps Project
Status of counties in the Illinois Floodplain Maps
Project in 2011. Click on the image to visit the Web
site for more information and updates.

The Illinois Floodplain Maps Project

The Coordinated Hazard Assessment and Mapping Program (CHAMP) team is involved in ongoing flood hazard identification and mapping projects, starting with FEMA's Flood Map Modernization (Map Mod) in FFY2004-2008 and continuing with the Risk Mapping Assessment and Planning (Risk MAP) program. The team produces Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps and provides support for engineering studies for the Map Mod program as well as for map updates conducted through the Physical Map Revision process. For the Risk MAP program, they produce data for hazard mitigation planning, utilizing Hazus-MH software to track the potential impacts of natural hazards and the Coordinated Needs Management Strategy (CNMS) database for the identification and management of flood hazard mapping needs. On September 1, 2010, the CHAMP team began application review for Letters of Map Revision (LOMR) and Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMR) as part of FEMA's LOMR Delegation program. Further information about these projects is available at www.illinoisfloodmaps.org.

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