About PRI

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The Prairie Research Institute (PRI) is a world-class interdisciplinary research institute. By providing basic and applied scientific research, extensive expertise, and a wealth of data, PRI benefits the environment, economy, and people of Illinois.

PRI’s mission is to steward Illinois’ natural and cultural resources by providing objective and timely research, data, and expertise to decision makers and stakeholders. Federal, state, and local government decision makers, industry and businesses of all types and sizes, farmers, energy and water utilities, nonprofit organizations, and the public rely on PRI expertise and data.

For every dollar that PRI receives from the State of Illinois, it earns nearly $4 in competitive contracts, an outstanding return on the public’s investment.

PRI is the home of the state’s five scientific surveys, which collectively have served the state for more than 165 years:

PRI provides staff and technical expertise to support the Illinois Coastal Management Program, which focuses on habitats and species, economic development and recreation, and assistance to coastal communities.

PRI’s State Scientists serve as the authoritative spokespersons in their fields, providing current information on research and scientific inquiries to the public at large, other scientists, industry, and governmental agencies.

PRI’s Research Themes

Read more about PRI’s impact in these seven vital areas.

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